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1800CX, 2000D, 2000DX, 2300D, 2300DX

Skid steer tracks for Scat Trak model 1800CX, Scat Trak model 2000D, Scat Trak model 2000DX, Scat Trak model 2300D and Scat Trak model 2300DX with 12"x16.5" tires.

If you have a 12"x16.5" tire size, please measure your tread width.  If your tread width is 11 1/4" or larger, you willl need a T-1200"B" series.  If your tread width is under 11 1/8", you will need a T-1200"N" series.

These Scat Trak models MAY require the 8 lug (SP-RED8) wheel spacers, please verify with the Track Clearance Guide to determine if you need spacers for your machine.